Somewhere Out There

Blog 1190 – 11.29.2018

Somewhere Out There

Yesterday a friend requested that I post Somewhere Out There on my Daily Mockingbird Song email today. I do not get a lot of requests and I always try to honor them when I do but looking over my list of over two hundred and fifty songs I did not find that one and I am sure that I have previously recorded it and posted it, maybe even used it in a blog. The friend also requested Danny Boy so I will post it instead here and on the DMBS email today.

Danny Boy

I will when I have a new work assignment and am back in my Little House On Wheels On The Prairie (my RV camper trailer) with my karaoke machine re-record Somewhere Out There and post it to all on my Daily Mockingbird Song email list. But this experience got me thinking about the title of that song. And you by now know how much I like to look at things from different sometimes opposite angles. We miss a lot when we think there is only one way to see a person or a thing. Well, here goes something, I hope.

The question that comes to my mind is: “Why do we suppose that Somewhere Out There is the answer?” It seems to me that we are looking in the wrong place especially if we are having trouble finding it there. Someone has said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. How often do we all act a little crazy and maybe just maybe this looking Out There Somewhere always for the answer, for Mister, or Miss Right, for Home, or for Heaven is looking in the wrong place and we will never find what we are looking for doing that.

As a very dear lady, Louise Hay, wrote often her best advice on finding what we really want in life was: “To look within.” There you will find your truest friend, the answer, Mister or Miss Right, Home, and Heaven. And yes, friends, we have most if not all of us sometime said to ourself, “I am looking for Jesus with skin on.” You can and, I think, only find him and them in your own heart of hearts. Hey, I could be wrong but if you are tired and worn out a bit from looking Out There Somewhere do try looking within. It would be a sin to miss out on all we might find there if we just gave it a look. It is not the scary place we imagine, that is just the fear ego propagates to keep us from finding our way home to heaven, and all our hearts’ desires.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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