Two Sweet Girls Of The Many I Remember…

Blog 1189 – 11.28.2018

Two Sweet Girls Of The Many I Remember…

At this time of year especially are “My Sweet Tootie – Stacey” and “What Are You Looking At – Michelle.” Maurice Chevalier, the original Maurice – the French Prophet Of Love, sang, “Thank heaven for little girls, for without them what would little boys do?” And Don Ho, the Hawaiian Tiny Bubbles singer crooned, “There was a girl…” There has always been a girl, like the flowers strewn along my pathway to brighten and make a lot more beautiful and more worth living my life.

When I turned eighteen, fifty years ago, on my birthday I joined the Army and left behind my mother, father, brother, my girl friend, later to be my first wife, friends, but also my Sweet Tootie, my little cousin who stayed Mondays through Fridays with us while her mom and dad worked. Stacey was for my brother and me like a beloved little sister. She was three when I left home for the Army to go to Fort Campbell, Kentucky and later, barely a year, for a long, long summer in South Vietnam. I wrote letters home to my sweet little three year old love consisting most of pictographs with pictures of an eye, a heart, and a big capital U.

The second sweet girl (And my heart and mind are full of so many but contrary to what the romance novels say that does not mean that I have not loved them all truly and still do) once teasingly called me Candyman. I even had the honor and privilege of giving her away in marriage to a strapping young South Carolina boy but that marriage did not last. She found another love later and with him produced two fine young sons who adore her as does he her husband, I, her family, and all who truly know her. Before I met Sweet Michelle, my belle, her also lovely and adoring aunt, Linda told me a story about her as a little girl at about three years of age like my other Sweet Tootie, Stacey, when I went off to war. Little Michelle was sitting in a grocery cart child seat while her mother shopped when a lady unknown to her walked up to the cart. People, men and women, boys and girls, have always marveled at Michelle’s physical beauty and the even deeper spiritual beauty that shines out from her. The lady started to say something like, “Oh, what a beautiful little girl.” But was left speechless by tiny Michelle’s cutting preemptive remark, “And what are you looking at, Lady.” I may not have that quote just right but you get the gist – she was a real live-wire little girl and would have no one worshipping her from afar without comment.

I believe there is what I like to call the God Spark, worthy of others attention and adoration, in all of us and even if we try to hide it, it will yet shine forth and light the world around us. That is why I find it easy to love everyone, even myself, and not just little girls and the beautiful women they become. Still, concluding, I must agree with lovely light and little girl praising Maurice C., “Thank Heaven for little girls for without them what would little boys do?” Sweet Tooties and Michelles everywhere we love you.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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