Gone But Not Forgotten

Blog 1188 – 11.27.2018

Gone But Not Forgotten

At this time of the year most all of us over the age of five are visited, not just Scrooge, by the ghosts of Christmases past. Some are quite pleasant and other less so and those lesser ones usually remind us most of loves lost and of the pain of parting. I have learned to think differently of those traumatic Yuletide scenes of lovers’ last kisses and last Christmases spent with dear friends and departed family. My title today is a familiar line often used but one I have come to see as a bit mistaken. Nothing and no one so long as we remember it or them is every truly gone but part of not just our history but of who we are today and will be tomorrow.

When we were five our world was quite small and populated by but a few dear family members and friends. If we live long enough we get to say “see you later” to each and all of them and many more or if not they us. Life is indeed much like a play with many of the players having but brief walk ons in our comedy/drama/epic production.

If you happen to be like many and our dear Scrooge, you feel perhaps haunted and a bit stunted and trapped by sweet memories of Christmases past, seemingly gone but somehow soured. Try this. Imagine this Christmas is your first Christmas and begin a new tradition, see every Christmas tree ornament, every twinkling light, and hear ever ringing silver bell with a new eye and a new ear. Let us start a new Christmas tradition, not an out with the old and in with the new tradition but a tradition of loving and accepting all that has been and as well also all that comes.

Some believe that Jesus is the reason for the season but Christmas, at least the December lights and evergreen festival was celebrated long before the then new state church of Rome took it over and renamed it in his honor. Historians tell us that Jesus of Nazareth was probably and more likely born in the spring, but the first Christmas celebration before the Christians took it over from the Jews and many others was always about winter solstice, lights, and evergreens.

Let us see this Christmas in an old and a new light and by all means have yourself a merry little Christmas season and as they say in the Ghost Busters movie theme song, remember don’t be afraid of no ghosts.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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