There Is No Room…

Blog 1182 – 11.21.2018

There Is No Room…

In the heart of a child of Love for hate, to even suppose so is to not know Who and Whose you truly are. Self knowledge is an important thing and self love. How could anyone not love Love. To even pretend to hate anyone or anything is a foolish endeavor but such is the foolish upside down world most of us find ourselves in, a world in which many prefer more to carry a loaded gun than a burning torch of light and love to help guide their beloved but confused brothers and sisters home.

You might think me crazy for espousing such an unorthodox doctrine but I have come to believe it is the truth – that there is no room, no place in the heart of a love child for hate. You see I only began to figure out Who and Whose I truly am when I decided to allow love to have its perfect way with me. By far the person or thing I always had the most trouble loving is little ole me. I think that is true for all of us without exception. Oh, and I know some seem to have no trouble loving themselves but often those who seem to act like they love themselves to the complete exclusion of others are only trying to cover for a great and abiding lack of love for themselves. People who seem to have the most love to give away to others are those who have found a way to truly love themselves, having discovered their true identity.

This is not rocket science, my friends, even a relatively simple minded person like myself can figure it out. The clues are everywhere, yes even in the Bible, three places in particular but all throughout.

1. Moses asked God, “Whom shall I say to Pharaoh is the one sending me. God says tell

him ‘I am.’

2. In his trial before the Jewish council Jesus was asked by the High Priest,

‘Are you the son (child of God) and he answered unequivocally ‘I am.’

3. Elsewhere in the Gospels in the days preceding his trial and crucifixion

Jesus told his disciples, ‘I have called you followers now I call you friends

and you shall do greater works than I have done for as I am so are you in

this world.’

The point of all that plainly is that if you are looking for God, Jesus, the child of God, you have only to look in the mirror, for that, my friends is Who and Whose you and I are – Love, Him/Herself and Love Children. “Love Child” is a term many do not like for to them it is a nice was of saying bastard, child of questionable parentage. But I love the term for it better than any other to me answers the question of parentage. We are the children of the great love affair between Mother Earth and Father Sky as The First People would put it and the as the New Testament does of Jesus, a child born of heaven and earth, divinity and humanity.

Concluding this little piece, I repeat for the third time – There is no place in the heart of a child of love for hate. Hence forth whenever I hear myself say that I hate someone or something I purpose to “repent”, reverse myself and say, “No I don’t I love it or them.” Do try it with me and together we can truly change our world.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Like you a love child of the Universe,

David White

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