Everything That Is…n

Blog 1181 – 11.20.2018

Everything That Is…

Scientists for sometime have been looking for what they call “The God Particle” the thing that holds it all together, the wider Universal gravity. I am no scientist, more or a Cracker Barrel or or “crack pot” if you prefer philosopher, but I found the God Particle some time ago and it resides at the center of me, of everyone and everything really. I like to call it “the God Spark” and it indeed holds all things together for it is indeed all that is real in this world. God has many faces and many names but the one most familiar to His/Her creation, love children, is Love.

How poetic you say, but I believe it is way more than that. Like to try a little experiment with me to prove my point? Find if you will anything in your life, large or small, that you have trouble loving, maybe even liking. Perhaps a person or just something as relatively unimportant as a food or drink you do not prefer. Try this for seven days. Say to yourself when you wake, before you go to sleep, and at least once during the day, “I really love “liver” (I am going to try it with you and all my life liver as been one thing I have not loved, actually loathed – the one thing my mom and dad could never make me eat.”

I was not a very rebellious child. I have said more than once that I am a life long people-pleaser and put up with most anything without much of a fuss. I was, I must admit, a finicky eater as a child. Many children are, their taste buds not being fully developed, and having been lied to by adults from birth with words like, “Smashed carrots taste good, Baby” they are suspicious of any new taste. I knew instinctively that liver was not something that I ever wanted to taste. Things have to get passed my nose and eyes first and I did not like even the smell or look of it.

My dad was never a negotiator nor a diplomat. He preferred the Olympus Thunderings From Above Child Rearing Method. His proclamation was, “You are not going to leave this table till you eat that piece of liver.” Dad won most such battles but a stubborn five year old version of his self was destined to win that one. And I knew it for I had already envisioned a small boy skeleton sitting in that chair with cobwebs hanging between the the dry crumbling ribs – oh, the power of determination and imagination.

But back to our little experiment to prove the power and presence of love every where and in everything. Start the experiment first thing tomorrow morning. That will give you all of today to pick your own unloved and unappreciated subject for the trial. Again say to yourselves first thing after waking, or maybe for you coffee drinkers after your first cup:

“Though I have never really loved (blank) from now on I am going to think of (blank) as my best life long friend and I am only going to think of and see the best in (blank.) Not only that, the next time I see or think of (blank) I am going to say out loud “I love (blank)” and do something to show myself and everyone else that I do.” Three times a day for a week should do the trick. I am confident that love will out, prove itself to be all about, and so much apart of each one of us as to seemingly change everything, create everything from nothing, not just in the beginning but, each and every day of our lives.

Oh, and if that thing or person you have the most trouble loving is you my little experiment will work that out too. My dear departed friend Louise Hay wrote, “Most all of our problems in life come from a lack of love for ourselves.” And I think she was spot on with that one – my problems all of them started solving themselves the day I decided to fall in love with me. Do try this little experiment with me and prove not only the slogan “Better living through science” but the equally great truth that, “Everything is beautiful in its own way.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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