Love Is Limitless

Blog 1178 – 11.17.2018

Love Is Limitless

To even attempt to limit or try to measure the flow of love results in calamities of Biblical purportions. And yet we persist in thinking that we can limit how much we love others or even ourselves, a silliness of the highest order. I particularly like expressions like “The heart wants what the heart wants” (click link below) and “We cannot choose who or how much we love.” The sense I make from both of those is that love flows and goes where it will and cannot be limited. I have little patience with jealousy or for that matter with anyone telling me anymore who I could or should love or how deeply or how much. I repeat to any of you religious folk still paying any attention to my ramblings that the only religion that I am interested in is the old time religion that makes me love everybody, you know like the song.

I have sworn off judging others and even myself and intend to just do my level best to love all and allow everyone else to have their own experiences too. It is to me the height of incredulity to think that we know what is best for anyone else. I received a cool Note From The Universe a few days ago that said, “David, you don’t even need to figure out what you want to ask for, you can trust me to send you the very best.” There is a wonderful Bible verse that says that we really don’t even know what to ask for so the Holy Spirit, our higher self, makes intercession for us with groanings that words cannot express. I am a word guy but realize how often that even I cannot find the words to express the deep desires of my own heart. Why, oh why can we not just admit to ourselves that others motives and desires are very like our own. I find the more I learn to love myself the more considerate and loving that I am of others too.

Sometimes we feel like we have a big hole in our hearts, news flash – that hole is to let all that love out. We worry entirely too much about being loved when true joy and happiness is to be found in loving and not expecting anything in return for it is truly more blessed (the word means “happy”) to give than to receive. When we open up the flood gates of our hearts love like water will flow to each and all and we will find that we have discovered The Secret to health, wealth, happiness, and eternal life.

What The Heart Wants

I will make you a promise, all my friends reading this, that I will never allow anyone not even you to tell me that I cannot or should not love you. Oh, you are always free to love back whom you will but neither you nor I have any right to tell anyone else who they may or should love or how much. That is way above our pay grade so to speak. Just ask any parent who has already learned that quite painful lesson. The heart wants what the heart wants. We can love as deeply and widely as we wish and allow others to as well for we are all loved and supplied by the One who is Love and that love is limitless.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

One thought on “Love Is Limitless

  1. I ALWAYS have, my whole LIFE. I know I’ve been a BLESSEd person ALL my life because I love my LORD and have tried to bring HIM to many over many years. Have a terrific day dear friend🙏👏🙏👋📖🙋


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