A Gift Turns Away Anger

Blog 1179 – 11.18.2018

A Gift Turns Away Anger

The title today is from a verse – Proverbs 21.14. And I am reminded of a little story that illustrates the point. I love the smell of Chanel Number 5. I have since I was a little boy and learned it was the preferred scent of the lovely and so sexy Marilyn Monroe the first screen goddess to stir my desires. It has been my habit to keep an extra bottle or six to give away to women who love the scent as I do. I wish I could afford to give every woman who likes Chanel Number 5 a free bottle. Nothing would please me more than to smell it everywhere. Well before I get carried away with lustful thoughts, (too late for that – I am even at almost sixty-eight still a man) I better tell my story.

In my work as a gas pipeline and utility inspector last year in Wisconsin, the crew I was watching was rerouting some gas main in Spring Green. I always try to park my work truck as out of the way as possible. Crews have said I must not really be an inspector because they seldom have to ask me to move my truck out of the way. This particular job was going on where the sewer and waterlines were also being moved by another crew so the road was blocked and there was really no good out of the way place to park on the street. There was a small business, actually four businesses in one building with eight or ten parking spaces so I parked in one farthest from the building. It did not look like they had a lot of customers and I figured I would be out of their way as well. And when I got there no one was working to ask permission from and I would not have known who to ask anyway.

I returned to my truck to get something and a lady about my age or a little older walked up to me and started giving me “what for” – the nerve of my parking there without even showing the courtesy to ask first. I apologized but she, I could tell, was not appeased by my apology. I am a life long people pleaser and it bothered me that this woman who did not seem to realize what a nice person I am could be so angry at me. That night I put a bottle of Chanel in my truck intending to win her away from her hard feelings toward me with a gift that I hoped she would appreciate. I was not trying to woo her just to win a smile.

And did my sweet smelling offer ever do that. She was beaming by the time I left her office after handing her my peace offering. I was only there a few moments and did not receive a hug or a kiss. I would have hugged her as I love to hug everybody, men, women, and children but usually ask first if there is any indication that such a brief invasion of someone else’s personal space might be welcomed or tolerated. Though she did smile there was no such indication. I never saw her again and probably never will at least this go round. But I left her smiling and with a story to tell her friends about a gift from an unexpected source.

I especially love the words of the Fourth of the Ten Intentions For A Better World:

“I let go so there is room for something better to come in. I intend that I am guided, guarded, protected, and lined up with the Highest Good at all times. I trust and remain open to receive from both expected and unexpected sources. I simplify.”

Well, now you know the little story too. According to the Proverb above it is gifts given in secret that sooth anger the best but there should be few if any secrets between friends and I don’t think the sweet smelling lady would mind some good press nor any of us.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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