So Serious

Blog 1176 – 11.15.2018

So Serious

Life is meant to be good, to be fun, and is often quite funny. Someone has said, “If you don’t believe God has a sense of humor just look in the mirror.” Laughter is indeed the best medicine curing all the ills of the world and opening our eyes to see all that is beautiful and fun in this world.

In the movie, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, the town sheriff, dying of pancreatic cancer decides to shorten his life and spare his wife and children seeing him suffer and waste away a little at a time. He plans a picnic and a special last day with them. He leaves several letters for co-workers, friends, even the mother of a raped and murdered daughter that is very disappointed in him for not finding her daughter’s killer. But most tender is the private letter he leaves to his wife in which he says among many thoughtful honest words, “If there is another world I will meet you again and if not I have known heaven in your arms.”

Whatever you believe about heaven I think it is always a mistake to put heaven off to some other time and place. Heaven is in our hearts and can be real for us right now. Jesus once told his gang that we must become as little children to enter the kingdom of heaven. Children don’t take life so seriously. They just take it all and squeeze all the fun and goodness out of every precious moment. That is heaven enough to last forever. I hope you are having a heaven of a time and if not I hope you will let your inner child loose to have a “play day” today and learn to do that more and more every day.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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