Ever Feel Out Of Control?

Blog 1175 – 11.14.2018

Ever Feel Out Of Control?

Sometimes we think God controls everything. Wrong, the ship of state has two steering wheels and driving was ever meant to be a join effort. I heard these words in a song yesterday, “You believe in a God who intervenes. I do not.” I would not go quite that far but I do think that most of the time God prefers to let us drive and only grabs the wheel when asked or in emergency situations. When we feel things are completely out of control we should remember that there is so much we can actually control ourselves as the short list above indicates.

“How seriously you take life.” For one, do try to maintain a sense of humor. It will make life a lot more fun.

“Who you hang out with.” We draw to ourselves like-mind people. Want a more up upbeat, positive, and encouraging crowd? Change your mind.

“Your effort.” You never really know what you can accomplish if you give up with the first weak pass at it. Give it another then another try or as the early seventies song by Tony Orlando and Dawn says, “Knock three times on the ceiling if you want me.”

“How personally you take things.” Back to point one, you, we all need to lighten up and learn to laugh at ourselves a bit, and thereby let others and ourselves off the hook. One of the best way to enjoy our life is to pretend we are living someone else’s life and just watching it all unfold.

“What you believe.” One of the best cures for many of the ills that befall us in life is to just let go of beliefs that are no longer serving us. Life is indeed “A paradise on Primrose Lane” without all that excess and unnecessary baggage to tote around.

“Your priorities.” Lists like the above one can be nice if not too long or too inflexible. Just remember, all opposing thoughts to the contrary, that you are job one.

“How kind you are.” This is a biggie and means so much to so many and your great effect on them and the residual wash-back on yourself you seldom realize at the time. Be kind, rewind, be kind.

“What you eat.” At the risk of seeming too rude or too crude it is said, “We are what we eat.” Perhaps that is why many of us are such boobs, pussies, pricks, and asses. Seriously, a car won’t run without good and adequate fuel in the tank why do we think we can? Thank the Universe for your food, it helps it go and stay down and do its job better.

“What you talk about.” Not just what we think but what we talk about becomes our reality. Choose your topics of conversation and your words carefully. You are writing a book others and you yourself will anxiously read someday.

“What you think about.” I covered that in the two above. Suffice it to say, “As a person thinks in their heart, so they are.”

“How open minded you are.” We will never receive or perceive one new answer or idea unless our minds are open to it.

“Your happiness.” Now there is where the rubber meets the road. Your happiness, none but you is responsible for that. But counterintuitively, happiness like love is only realized when we try to give it away. To be and stay happy share your happiness with all you can, you control freak.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

And fellow control freak,

David White

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