The Good Or Perfect Life

Blog 1168 – 11.07.2018

The Good Or Perfect Life

If you could have the good life, the perfect husband or wife, the perfect job or work assignment what would it be? It is a great cause for misery and unhappiness in this life – expectations and ungratefulness. The older I get the more I realize that all perceived evil in this world and in our lives stems from one root cause – a lack of love.

It is so easy to confess love, to profess love but as the old Firestone tire slogan goes, what matters is where the rubber meets the road. Someone has said that all behavior, ours and others, really comes from one of two motivations – from love or a cry for love. Therefore it is not a great stretch of the imagination to say that you or I can only find that perfect wife or husband, job or work assignment, etc. when we find the love we are searching for within our own hearts. It is a self-defeating and truly misguided quest, trying to change anyone else or the world. First we must change our mind, change ourself and then we will see others and the world through eyes of love. And then be able to sing honestly whatever seems to be going on in the moment, that indeed What A Wonderful World it is.

Your Friend and fellow traveler,

David White

What A Wonderful World

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