Another Clue How To Make Our Best Intentions Come True

Blog 1167 – 11.06.2018

Another Clue How To Make Our Best Intentions Come True

My friend Bernie from time to time sends me emails full of good advice on “manifesting.” Manifesting is making our own dreams or intentions come true. Many feel completely powerless and at the mercy of powers and situations beyond their control. Manifesting is the belief put into practice that happiness and fulfillment are not magic or beyond our reach but that we can wish upon a star and make that wish come true.

But how do we best get everything we really want in life? In Bernie’s email before the one I received yesterday he wrote that the great key to getting what we want quickly and easily is “to want it but not to care.” He promised more details in his next email. Bernie loves cliffhangers as many of us do. It peeks our interest. Yesterday he fulfilled that promise by providing an example of what he meant by wanting but not caring and how that works out in practicality. He said it was just like playing table games like we did as children and many of us still do as adults. You learn the rules of the game and play intensely but because you know it is a game you don’t get hung up on winning because you know win or lose each time that you are always a winner and maintaining that loose detachment means you win more often than not. We have all known children and adults who get so focused on thinking that they have to always win and then screw up, get angry, lose more often than not, and end up acting like they hate the game. Often people when they succeed at anything get too stressfully involved in repeating that success and do thereby sow the seeds of their own failure. These folk invent silly self defeating sayings like, “Winning is not the best thing it is the only thing.” A true winner does not always have to win. He, she loves life and knows it is all a wonderful game where everyone who wants to be is a winner no matter the score at any given time.

Want to make all your dreams come true? Play the game according to the rules, learn them well, play with intensity, but accept the outcome as detached and gracefully as you can. The Greyhound Bus Company had a wonderful slogan when I was a boy, “Leave the driving to us.” First time I heard it, I thought it said, “Gus.” I wondered who Gus was, the world’s best bus driver. Many think God’s name is Jesus, Allah, or some such. One particular swear phrase northerners in my country like to use is “Jesus H. Christ.” It always reminds me of the child who figured out God’s name from the Lord’s prayer. The child heard it as plainly as I did the Greyhound Bus commercial. What they heard was: “Our father who art in heaven, Howard be thy name.”

If you really want to win and want all your intentions to come true:

1. Learn the rules.

2. Play the game of life with intensity

3. Then leave the driving, the arriving, to Gus, Howard, or the Universe.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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