Everyone Has Something To Say

Blog 1169 – 11.08.2018

Everyone Has Something To Say

Everyone has something to say, even Silent Bob actor, Kevin Smith. I heard him say as much and even quite eloquently amid the profanity on cable recently. I was not offended my his choice of words, in fact I have copied his Skewed View Productions as I consider my own view of things often a bit skewed from the orthodox or consensus view many people seem to accept. Why, do we seem to insist on just repeating the well-worn phrases of others mostly copied themselves and passed downs as if Holy Writ. We, everyone of us, have something unique and individual to say, we should find a way and a venue to say it as sweetly and as completely as we can and often.

Speak it, write it, sing it, paint it, sculpt it, play it etc., the options become more vast with each generation past. Technology is forever opening up new ways and methods to make our personal story and truth be told in and through. But whether we do it electronically to the multitudes or the old fashioned way one on one and in person it needs to be said. We are here to share it and will never feel completely fulfilled until and unless we do.

Everyone has a story, a song, short or long, simple or intense, to tell and tell it we do in a number of ways and for all our days. I have already had twice as many days as my baby girl, Emily Elaine White, but she sang her sweet story especially the last six months of her journey. Her song still echoes six years after her passing and will for ages to come. Part, a big part of my story, is to make sure hers is not forgot, as if it or anyone’s story could be. Our story is true History, Her Story, Not “false news” that has been told and retold since the first couple collaborated on the first screen play. We all lend our works, our words, and our voices to it as the play continues and we each have our scenes, our walk ons, our lines, to contribute.

Often we hesitate because we are afraid of missing our cue or getting our lines wrong but we cannot for it is all practice for the final scene, the final curtain call, and there will without doubt be applause and roses all around, and a cast party the likes of which this ole world has never known. Say it now, sing it loud, make us proud.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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