The Problem I Have With X’s

Blog 1166 – 11.05.2018

The Problem I Have With X(s)

I love singing the George Strait song “All My Exes Live In Texas.” But it is not exactly true for me as my first ex-wife this go round lives in heaven or is already occupying a new life, I know not where, with a new face and under a new name, and my second ex-wife lives in Mississippi. My third ex-wife and my current lovely wife, the determined and devoted Linda Lee, both live in Texas. My mama told me before Linda Lee and I got married, “That woman is never going to let you go.” Mama was right and I am so glad. My skewed view of things and my often also crazy inexplicable behavior has been a problem for all of my wives, family, and friends, most opting eventually not to stick around or to let me go.

The problem I have with X(s) (Exes) of any and every kind is that most people think when you X something out that is supposed to make it like it never was or will never be important to you again. That just is not true for me. When I become aware of someone or something, and to truly know anyone or any thing is to love them or it. When I love, like my Linda Lee, I just don’t know how to stop or to let go. It is not the handicap you might think, though many think me crazy, over time most come to eventually realize that I am just practicing my own religion – the kind that makes me love everybody and never ever stop. Doesn’t that wear you out, Crazy Dave? Not at all, our ability and capacity to love is ever renewable and boundless I believe. And there are just too many people that want and need someone to love them for me to be silly or stupid enough (in my estimation) to think I have to pick one or even a few to make room for in my heart.

I love writing loving and encouraging poems, loving and encouraging blogs, and singing loving and encouraging songs. On my bucket list is also to write as many love songs as I can someday too. Yesterday my blog was titled after an often repeated line in a song, “trying to leave something behind.” That something I would most love to leave behind is the knowledge that I took the time, made the effort, to let you and as many know as I can, that I never let go but always love the best I can and will even if from afar like a twinkling star.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

All My Exes Live In Texas

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