Love Gets And Love Lets

Blog 1160 – 10.30.2018

Love Gets And Love Lets

I love the expression that he/she “really gets me.” And that is the way of love – it really gets us. Hand in hand with that is, love let’s us, let’s us be free to become the magnificent beings we truly are. This is typified by the once confined, constricted caterpillar bursting forth from its cocoon and spreading its beautiful wings and revealing the magnificent butterfly it always was. Love sees the butterfly when all the world sees only a worm or a cocoon. A great nineteen seventies hit song says, “Love lifts me up where I belong on a mountain high where the eagles fly.” Love gets us, love let’s us fly.

Whatever else I could write and I can be a wordy guy, be encouraged you are not only “so beautiful” as even Joe Cocker could croak, his voice almost burned out, but not so far gone that he could still sing it beautifully – you are loved and you are love. Are we seeing a theme here? You do not have to read many of my blogs or hear many of my Mockingbird song choices to realize that like many writers and singers I am a “one trick pony.” My daughter Emily, used to jokingly call K.C. and The Sunshine Band, K.C and The One Song Band, several of Supremes and other famous singers and groups recorded several hit songs that sounded quite similar. Why, even John Wayne made two westerns released less than ten years apart that were really the same movie with just different drunken sheriff(s), side kicks, and crotchety old jailers. The movies are Rio Bravo 1959 and El Dorado 1967. Check them out and see if you do not agree. If K.C., the Supremes, the Duke, and many others have successfully repeated a similar theme I will not worry too much about it. Even Sir Paul McCartney in song asked and answered the question, “Who wants to fill the world with silly love songs? But what’s wrong with that, I’d like to know.”

I have often told friends, lovers, and relations for all of my wordiness perhaps sometime rivaling even that of my dad whose descriptive nickname among others was “Windy” because of the way he could “hold court” presenting one of his many tall tales: “Whatever I say to you, no matter how long or convoluted, that the simple message I mean to convey is just a variation on the same theme, “I love you and being loved by you too. Or more simply put than even that, Love Gets And Love Lets.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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