A Little Traveling Music Please

Blog 1161 – 10.31.2018

A Little Traveling Music Please

This Halloween I will be traveling. Having concluded my three month work assignment in Bemidji, Minnesota, I will be headed south with my camper trailer in tow and waiting to hear where I am to point it to next. Rather that being anxious or fearful I am actually relaxed and looking forward to seeing and being with loved ones in Texas again. In the last six years of my life I have spent so little time there and I am not complaining just saying that being a “traveling man (or woman)” has a price. Getting to see new places and things and meeting new and interesting people means you have to say good-bye a lot more, and old friends, lovers, and family do not get to see as much of you.

Spread pretty thin are we, Dave? Not at all, for I have discovered something, my heart, in fact all of our hearts are big enough to hold the whole Universe that holds us.


On And On

I was going to put a link to my Mockingbird Version of Rick Nelson’s Travelin’ Man but scrolling down my MB Song List (now over 250 songs long) I saw the above link and figured it would fit just as well if not better. One of my favorite mottos is: “Higher, Bigger, Better.” The other day I shared one of the daily Notes From The Universe that I receive. Here is another especially cool one that seems to fit right here:

“There’s only one reason I can think of, David, that an infinitely powerful, all-knowing, fun-loving, eternal gladiator of the Universe would ever choose to be born into a little human body, with stub-able toes, adrift in time, immersed in space, cloaked in mystery:

There’d have to be much more to what was going on than mere mortal eyes could behold, and it would have to be really, really, really, really, really beautiful.

And it so is.

You’ll “see,”

The Universe

David, I think you should write your book…

…this will help!

Thoughts become things… choose the good ones! ®

© http://www.tut.com ®

Love it all, David, before it’s just a really, really, really, really, really beautiful memory.”

That, my friends, is what I am trying to learn better, and better to do, and to encourage others to as well – Love it all, each and everyone, everything before it is just a really, really, beautiful memory.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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