Smile On Harvest Moon Up In The Sky

Blog 1159 – 10.29.2018

Smile On Harvest Moon Up In The Sky

I saw this picture and knew I was going to have to write another moon blog. Recently I reposted my Mockingbird Version of Josh Groban’s Version of a song first released by Joe Cocker in the nineteen seventies called, “The Moon’s A Harsh Mistress.” I often tell friends and family, “You hung the moon and did a pretty fine job” and mean it. The moon as we know is a mostly reflective beauty getting its light from the sun. There we differ a bit from the moon. Though we do indeed reflect the light of all around us, I believe our truest, brightest light shines from within – the light of the world, the God spark as it were. Wild poetic speculations, you say, well maybe, but maybe in a greater sense we are, everyone of us an important part of the Universe and we have, I think, always been a part of everything and all, co-creators as it were.

It is the saying goes “A small world” and like the tents and Hagrid’s little cabin in the Harry Potter movies, and Dr. Who’s time traveling phone booth we are a lot bigger on the inside than one might guess from looking at our cover or wrapper.

Just the other day in a blog when I made a reference to when the above song was released, I said the nineteen seventies song, The Moon’s A Harsh Mistress, and not entirely trusting my recollection of the timing I researched the actual release date online and it was first released and sung by Joe Cocker in 1974. Yes, I really do not only try to spell and grammar check my blogs but also try to get my facts as straight as possible. Did you think I just made all this stuff up? Maybe you did, but I have been preparing for this writing assignment all my life and take it very seriously. Being “the encouraging word guy” may not be the best paying gig (I get no pay for my blogs nor my Mockingbird songs) but speaking, writing, and singing is the gig I have awaited since I wrote my first rhyme about sixty years ago now.

In the above online research I also discovered that the inspiration for the song came from a book by Robert Heinlein by that same title. The author of the song Jimmy Webb loved to read Robert Heinlein’s science fiction from a boy. I discovered him later in life and read everything I can find of his. Stranger In A Strange Land is one of my most often read favorites. Jimmy Webb wrote to Robert Heinlein to ask his permission to use the title of his book for the song and the famous novelist said that would be fine. Small world and we are so connected in so many ways.

And, “Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus” and, Sweetheart, you hung the moon (We all did) and a very fine job, even if sometimes it seems to be hanging in the trees barely above our heads.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Moon and encouraging word spinner,

David White

One thought on “Smile On Harvest Moon Up In The Sky

  1. Good morning dear David,
    This is so beautiful and YOU know how much I love all events in the SKY!! What a FANTASTIC picture! Thank you so much!! Lyn


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