More Informed Choices

Blog 1158 – 10.28.2018

More Informed Choices

A few days ago I got a Note From The Universe that read:

First, choose from the options that thrill you.

Then, choose the ones that also teach you.

And from these, David, choose the scariest.

Butterflies in your tummy are good,

The Universe

Thoughts become things… choose the good ones! ®

© ®

That’s how I got earth rolling, David

(These Notes From The Universe are written by best selling author, Mike Dooley, and are personalized and emailed every weekday free to anyone who requests them. And it will surprise you how they really feel like a personal daily note from the Universe.)

We are not condemned to forever live with choices once made but can choose again and with more information. Say we choose to touch a bare electric wire and get a shock. We do not have to continue making that same choice. We can choose something else to give us a charge.

I especially like the above Note because it talks about how we can make more informed choices, choices that thrill, teach, and that we do not need to be afraid to try something new even or especially if it feels a bit scary.

We do not have to make the choices our parents did. Trust me there are more that a few that they wish we would not. I can remember my daddy pleading with me, “Son, you do not have to make all the same mistakes that I made you could learn from a few of mine if you just would.” Even fifty years later jokingly I would say that I replied, “Dad you got to make your mistakes let me make mine.” How stupid of me, really, smarter young people can choose to make more informed choices. Oh, and we will without doubt make our own doozies but fewer and fewer if we learn to choose better, listen better, and to think and rethink before we act. Just because we’ve always done it that way does not mean that another way might not produce an equally good if not better result.

In one of my favorite Father/Son movies, Frequency, with Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel, a young cop whose firefighter dad died in a fire when he was a boy reconnects with his dad in the past through a time distortion caused by the aurora borealis that enables them to talk across thirty years on a ham radio set. The young man realizes that he might be able to warn his dad about the fire. Before they end their first conversation on the ham radio he says quickly to his dad, “Your supervisor Butch said you went with your instincts, if you had just gone the other way you would have gotten out safe.” The dad remembers his son’s words when he makes that fateful choice the next day and ends up saving a young girl’s life and his own and getting to see his son grow up.”

One of the best ways that we can inform our choices, I mean in addition to the Note’s good advice, is to allow space for the Universe, our higher best self to be involved in ours choices. I offer you three things that are really the same. First as a young George Bailey in the Christmas classic movie It’s A Wonderful Life that has a difficult choice to make and sees a sign that says, “What Would Dad Do” we can ask dad or try to imagine what dad or mom would do. Or if you are a Buddhist, Jew, Christian, Muslim, etc. you might imagine what Buddha, Abraham, Jesus, or Mohamed would do. Or you might just allow your higher best self some space to add his or her two cents to the equation. It is a wise guy or gal who says to themselves “I am really not that smart, Big Guy or Big Gal choose for me or at least please inform my choice, help me see what I need to see to make the most informed choice.” It might not even matter which way we go. We may want to try several routes but sometimes it saves a lot of strain and pain to take the most informed route the first time.

Think about it, leave some space for the unseen and out of this world, and let’s give it our best shot. I mean after all we only live once or do we?

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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