Smile, The World Smiles With You, Frown, You Frown Alone

Blog 1157 – 10.27.2018

Smile, The World Smiles With You, Frown, You Frown Alone

I try to cultivate the habit of answering anyone who asks the question, “How are you?” with the tried and true answer, “Fine and dandy.” Do I always look and feel fine and dandy? Of course not, but what does that matter. My default mode is fine and dandy and my higher self is untouched by trouble so yes I Am – Fine and Dandy. And the little, lesser me is bolstered by reminding myself every chance I get. Give yourself a reputation to live up to not down too.

When You’re Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With You)

Many recording artists have covered the above song. I especially like Frank Sinatra’s big band version and sing along with him in my Mockingbird Version.

To quote a song I heard many years ago “I sing because I’m happy. I sing because I’m free. He’s (Her) eyes is on the sparrow and I know He (She) is watching me.” I’d say that I am sorry if my take on things offends you but I am not. Sometimes hearing people say that I am going to some imaginary hell if I don’t climb back into their tiny little religious box offends me too but I try to remember back when I was in such a constrictive thinking place that I “meant well” though I am sure I bugged the fool out of people too. I remember my loving Daddy who claimed to be a Baptist but never attended a Baptist Church service in all the years I knew him said to me when as a young man with Christian zeal trying my best to “save him”:

“Son, could you just stop trying to convince me?” To which I replied, “I’d have to stop loving you first.” He shook his head and sighing said, “Well, just keep at it then.” Why do we think love requires us to nag and harangue the people we love? Are we so unsure of what we think or believe that everyone must see it just the way we do or they will be lost forever? I have said it before and still find it a belief that serves me that I do not have to believe that your religion, political party, sports team, or laundry detergent is the “One And Only” to be fine and dandy. The young people used to say, “Free Your Mind And The Rest Will Follow.”

I am planning a blog on the importance of considering our choices or making more informed choices. We do not have to be “branded” for life. Oh, the sellers would like nothing better but we can have our Coke and still enjoy a Pepsi too if we choose. Everything does not have to be “either or” but can be “both”. We can have and experience all of life and just smile, smile, smile.

Sing it with me or don’t. You have a choice, many actually. And if you make one you find you do not particularly like, choose again. And even if you do like a choice, you are free to chose again and again. You can choose “judgmental and grumpy,” we all have at one time or another, or you can choose “fine and dandy” or any number of other combinations. Whatever you choose I remain,

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Smile with me or frown on your own,

David White

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