Let It Be

Blog 1149 – 10.19.2018

Let It Be

As a young boy just starting what we called junior high school then and most call middle school today I became a devout Beatles fan when four young men two grades ahead of me in junior high donned Beatle wigs, boots, and lip synced to the Fab Four’s first couple of hit songs, “She Loves You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah” and “I Wanna Hold Your Hand.” Wow, that was a long sentence almost longer than the Beatles stayed together.

But they stayed together long enough to captivate the world with their songs.

Not a particularly religious group of lads unless you count George Harrison’s influence on the group with his tribute to his Lord, Hari Krishna, in the song, “My Sweet Lord.” Several of my Jesus loving friends thought he was singing to Jesus but then they stopped listening closely before he got to the end of the song, the same way they missed “Sail on silver girl” a reference to a hypo-dermic heroin needle in “Bridge Over Troubled Waters.” But Sir Paul McCartney before he was knighted did lead the group in a tribute to one of the Saints of the Roman Catholic Faith, Mother Mary, in a later hit song, “Let It Be.”


Let It Be

I sing along with them here for you at the request of my long time friend, former wife, still and always love, Sandra Kanold White. Several weeks ago I did a tribute to her beloved dad, Roy Kane, called, “The Leader Of The Band.”

Some years ago now after almost twenty years of trying to be a devout atheist I came back to belief in a higher power but not the hell-fire promising those who “miss the mark” God that I was taught to believe in as a child but a more “New Age” version called simply The Universe, Who as it turns out I have found to be not just a He but more of a She, He, Me, We, all inclusive but very loving God. This God requires no animal sacrifice, or human, has no one child loved above or deemed more special, whole, or holy than any of us others, a God who reveals Herself/Himself not just through, Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed, Mother Mary or any one individual in the great pantheon of heroes which includes you and me, by the way, but is in us all, rather in whom we all live and move and have our being. That is Who and Whose we are. Let It Be.

Your friend and fellow traveler

David White

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