Wash, Spin, Dry

Blog 1145 – 10.15.2018

Wash, Spin, Dry

I recall certain phrases from a childhood of TV commercials. The programming on day time TV from mid-day to the evening local news on the three major networks back then was called “The soaps” short for “Soap operas” because of the stories that were aimed at mostly stay at home moms and women and because their sponsors were mainly laundry detergent companies. My dad was usually laid off from his construction job due to the weather in the winter months and became quite addicted as well to the daily soaps. His favorite was always, “The Edge Of Night” as it was more of a crime drama with some romantic appeal.

Another laundry phrase I recall from my boyhood was, “It will all come out in the wash.” Though that was the claim of all the laundry detergent commercials I took it to mean something more along the lines of the Bible verse that nothing is hidden but that all will be revealed. As we wash, spin, and dry through life we learn that truth over and over again that our attempts to hide, cover, or pretend there are no stains only make them stand out even more starkly in the end.

In the movie Charlie Wilson’s War, starring the successful and award winning actor Tom Hanks, Tom plays a good ole boy Congressman from East Texas, a likable rascal with many open character blemishes but an honest heart. Would there were more of his like in government today. Give me a used-car salesman type politician any day over the never show weakness or apologize, hypocritical type, that seem to dominate politics today. Real people even severely flawed ones are to me preferable to the hypocrites who act as if their poo does not stink. It does and trying to deny or hide that mess only makes for a bigger, stinkier one in the end.

Oh, they do seem to have the “Spin” of the three parts of my title equation down pat. Everything is so much spin it makes you dizzy, Miss Lizzie, but what of the Wash and Dry. I think we need more women in politics to clean things up. They have been cleaning up after men, most of them, all their lives, and all throughout recorded history. I heard another phrase when I was a boy, “A woman’s place is in the house.” And I whole-heartedly agree, especially if the house you are talking about is the White House, the Capital building, the Supreme Court, or Pentagon. If more women were sitting in seats of power it would add a new spin to the term, “ Cleaning Woman.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Looking forward to a new wash cycle,

David White

I composed this piece while doing my laundry Sunday morning.

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