The First Word Heard From The Moon

Blog 1146 – 10.16.2018

The First Word Heard From The Moon

This past weekend I saw Ryan Gosling new movie First Man in which he plays Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the moon in July of 1969. For over thirty five years I lived in Houston, Texas where I was proud to know that the first word spoken from the moon was “Houston”, spoken by Commander Neil Armstrong to the NASA Space Center, “Houston, the Eagle has landed.”

I am a Ryan Gosling fan but to me Claire Foy’s portrayal of Armstrong’s first wife Janet Shearon steals the show. Her big beautiful eyes tell the story of the moon landing from a woman, a wife’s perspective.

I have not always been kind describing Houston. It is very flat, hot, and humid there. All three things hard for a boy born and raised in East Tennessee, Chattanooga in particular, with it’s four pretty equal seasons and beautiful mountains and valleys, quite hard to get used to. But I did, my two natural children were born there and one of my two step-sons. I married two of the four lovely women I have called wife there and have made more than a lifetime of wonderful memories there. I do not get back often but a big part of my heart is forever there. One of my favorite songs is the Tony Bennett classic, I Left My Heart In San Francisco. I spent four days as a young man of nineteen in the San Francisco area on my way to Vietnam and a couple of hours there changing planes on my way back. Even such a short visit touched my heart.

But Houston has had far longer to leave it’s indelible mark on me. Here’s is my Mockingbird Version Of Dean Martin’s tribute to The Bayou City, named after a Tennessee boy named Sam.


Sometimes the familiarity of something or someone even very dear to us causes it or them to lose a little of their shining appeal. But time and distance have a way a making what is real in our lives even more real. Houston, Texas and the people that I have met and loved there will always make it a very beloved place to me. Houston, I salute you.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

A forever Houston, Texas boy too,

David White

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