Walk On By

Blog 1144 – 10.14.2018

Walk On By

The song by the above title and sung by the incomparable Dionne Warwick and I Can’t Help It, recorded by Hank Williams, Sr. express a particular kind of pain that many of us have experienced in life, the pain of loving someone in a certain way and not having that love returned to us to the same degree. Even more painful than that is to have had that love reciprocated for a while only to lose it to another. The poet has said, “It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” Maybe so, but anyone who has loved and lost will tell you that little in this life hurts more.

Here for you Daily Mockingbird Song fans are links to my versions of the two songs mentioned. For the the rest of you I was going to quote the Davy Crockett line that he used on the people of Tennessee who failed to re-elect him to the U.S. Congress. But since I am not headed to Texas, at least for a while, I thought better of it and I don’t really believe in the other place he mentions and would not wish that on an enemy, if I had one, and I do not.


Walk On By


I Can’t Help It

There are some things and some people that we just cannot “Walk On By” but are compelled to get involved with and as deeply as they will allow us. I have had the privilege this week of revisiting the first season of The CW TV series from 2002 called Everwood. It is a very touching story set mostly in the snow covered mountains of beautiful Colorado, one of my favorite places in the wide world. In Everwood there are several great story lines and one of the most tender and at the same time tragic is the unrequited love story of Ephram Brown for Amy Abbott. They are high schoolers in Everwood where Amy has lived all her life and is a cheerleader, prom queen, popular pretty girl, and Ephram is the new kid from New York City that has a chip as big as the Statue of Liberty on his shoulder but a heart also that big for Amy. She however has a boy friend, her co-equal in attractiveness and popularity, but as the series begins her Collin has been in a coma for four months and she needs a friend. Ephram is happy to be that friend but of course hopes to be more.

As such stories do we are teased that maybe just maybe Amy will move on from Coma Boy to the dark and moody boy from the Big Apple. Spoiler alert, really, that is never going to happen, and seldom, if ever, does in real life. Knowing that, to save ourselves the crushing pain, we could Walk On By but seldom do. However loving mostly or all one sidedly though it hurts like that place I do not believe in is the best example of the place I still do believe resides in all of our hearts. The heaven you say.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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