The Moon’s A Harsh Mistress

Blog 1143 – 10.13.2018

The Moon’s A Harsh Mistress

Some people, and I think largely because they have a real problem loving themselves, are more difficult to love than others. My own sweet mother was such a person. It is said like the old song that many men seem to try to find, “A girl just like the girl that married dear ole dad.” Ladies often too find themselves looking for a man like their dad to love. We, all of us, feel and act broken or incomplete sometimes in our lives, and end up programming our children to seek brokenness and incompleteness to try to fix, make whole. What we failed to do for our beloved parents as children we try over and over again to accomplish as adults with the others we come to love and are drawn to because they like our first loves, our parents, need fixing, we think.

When I first heard the song, The Moon’s A Harsh Mistress, I thought not only of my mother but of several girls and women that I have tried my best to love throughout my life.

The Moon’s A Harsh Mistress

We often find ourselves like the children of Israel wandering around in the wilderness trying vainly on our own to find our way to the promise land of shared love and acceptance. We cannot no matter how hard we try, fix anyone else, complete them, or even get them to see how truly wonderful they are. There is only one we have the power, training, or ability to do that for and that is ourself. But I have learned, I think, that that is the key to loving even those most determined not to love themselves, this self-love is what frees us from the insatiable need to be loved by others to make up for the fact that we do not love ourselves enough.

You see the great myth that there is but One Love, like the ring in The Lord Of The Rings, “One ring (love) to rule them all” is at least partially true. There is not one true lover other than you that can complete you, not even God, the Universe itself. You, I, me, we were all made complete by a loving Universe. That hole we perceive in ourselves is a lie we too often have bought into that ole Ego started whispering into our ear before we were born – “Never Enough, Not Pretty, Smart, Good Enough – Incomplete.” It is not true for we are Holy and we are Whole. Only the holy and whole can love the way we were meant to love, starting with ourselves and reaching outward till we wrap our hearts and arms around all there is.

The physical moon has no light of it’s own nor does this earth. They are both lit by A Star. Our bodies are made of stardust and the light of a bright and brilliant star burns within each one of us. And that light is love. Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine. First discover who and whose you really are and you will know and love yourself and at the same instant see yourself in everyone else and all and love them too.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Dancing in the moonlight,

David White

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