Love Me Tender

Blog 1142 – 10.12.2018

Love Me Tender

Yesterday, on my Daily Mockingbird Song I sang an early Elvis Presley song, All Shook Up. Today I offer another on my DMS email and share it here as well.

Love Me Tender

It is arguably one of the tenderest, sweetest love songs ever written or sung. Elvis even sang it in his first western movie. It is hauntingly beautiful for so many reasons but I think “baby love” is the biggest and most important of them. Oh, many of us guys and gals too want to portray an image of toughness and what I call “The Big Bad John Sydrome.” I refer in particular to a line from that once popular country-western song by Jimmy Dean – “Like a giant oak tree he just stood there alone.” He died alone too because he tried to stand alone. Sure he saved some trapped miners but if he had only let them help him back he would not have had to die alone, not then, not there. And Leo in the movie Titanic could have shared that door with the girl and he would not have frozen in that icy water and slipped down to the bottom of the sea with the ship.

What I am saying, heroics aside, is that everyone of us wants and needs TLC, Tender Loving Care, or to be tenderly loved, like somebody’s baby. My mama had her faults, the biggest and worst of which, I think, was not loving herself enough to find her happy place here instead of in some romance novel, or in the movie Gone With The Wind. I do not understood why Rhett and Scarlett are lifted up and their tragic love story so admired like Romeo and Juliet. Both love stories end tragically, so much miscommunication and unhappiness. If that is what Love is supposed to be it is no wonder so many sing, “What’s love got to do with it. What’s love but a second-hand emotion.” But the Tender Love of a mother for her child like my mother’s will spoil you for anything less. It will also teach you to love like that if you let it, to write poetry, and sing songs about it, and to search a lifetime or several if you need to, to find it.

I am sure that I have written several times about how in the middle of this journey for the space of almost twenty years I rejected the Faith I was raised in and threw God, the Holy Ghost, and the Baby Jesus out with the wash. During my Atheist phase I kept in the closet under my wide ties that I also could not bring myself to throw away a small needle point slogan. It was from a Christmas decoration and read simply – “l believe.” The song, Alfie, says, “I believe in something even non-believers can believe in. I believe in love, Alfie,”

I always have and I always will. Blame my mama, I certainly have and often, for loving me so tender that no one else could seem to measure up. But my problems was always the same as my mama’s, it was not that their love was not enough but I it was that our own for ourselves was not enough.

In last year’s blockbuster movie, The Greatest Showman, one of the many moving songs is called “Never Enough” I even tried a Mockingbird Version of it too though it is way beyond the reach of my voice. You might agree, listen and see for yourself:

Never Enough

My point is that Love Me Tender love is the only love that can ever be enough. We cannot make anyone else love us nor should we but we should love ourselves tenderly like that child, that baby inside of us needs to be loved. If and when we do we will find the capacity within us to love everyone and everything in this great big Universe just the way it, the way we all deserve to be loved – deeply, sweetly, and ever so tenderly. Isn’t that right, Elvis. Oh, Elvis, has left the building, but we have not. Love Me Tender.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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