A Brief But Important Political Announcement

Blog 1141 – 10.11.2018

A Brief But Important Political Announcement

A white-haired pastor that I once loved, and still do, used to say, “We count people because people count.” Years ago I fell victim to the sarcastic and somewhat cynical but hilarious humor of George Carlin. For years a friend sent me a Carlin desk calendar with a great quote of his for each day of the year. I remember the one for the first Tuesday in November, known as Election Day in the U.S., said, “For all of you who think sacred the right to vote I ask you to remember that Adolf Hitler came to power in a free election.” Just because we get to vote does not mean we always get it right.

I have used Carlin’s quote as an excuse not to vote for the last several years and also my traveling job that has kept me me a vagabond and far from my designated voting place all of that time. But I am a guy who if nothing else re-examines my beliefs from time to time to see if they still serve me. Saying my vote will not count in the deeply Red state of Texas is not good enough for me anymore. Though I hope upon retirement to live in perhaps Northern California or Oregon, bluer voting country, I sent in a new voter registration form and plan to vote absentee. I will miss voting in this important mid-term election but not a one after that I promise you and myself.

My daddy used to say if you do not vote, you forfeit your “griping rights.” I plan to use my franchise henceforth to vote against anyone who is not color blind and for women and people of color till many more of our politicians start to look and act like the people they are supposed to represent and not the privileged and powerful few that they act like they owe all their loyalty and their votes on legislation that seems to me to benefit mostly that favored few and they still act like they think it is okay to appoint judges that act like women and people of color do not count. We are all of us either women or born by them and we are all colored people. White, though a pale washed out one, is still a color too.

There are still great efforts made to marginalize or to keep women and people of color, other than white, from voting in the “good ole U.S. of A. If you can vote please do and encourage everyone you know to or as Abraham Lincoln, one of the best white guys we ever elected, warned, this government of the people, by the people, and for the people may perish from the earth. Your vote and mine does count. Be sure they get counted.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

P.S. Red, White, and Blue are not the only American Colors – Black, Brown, and Yellow are too. And way over half of the people of this great country are smart women who deserve to be listened to and voted seats of power too. VOTE, your hearts, America, not just special interest.

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