Baby’s Not Gone

Blog 1140 – 10.10.2018

Baby’s Not Gone

I have said previously on several occasions that “Baby” is what I prefer to be called. In the movie “Baby Driver” the leading young man is called Baby and the pretty waitress that he meets and falls in love with marvels over how many songs there are with Baby in them. One of the first that I remember hearing as a young teenager was “Baby Love” by The Supremes. I still love that song and love being called Baby and calling other people Baby too. For you see it isn’t just me but just as I see flowers wherever I go I also see babies. My long time, wife, lover, and friend, Linda Lee Stokes, just left Bemidji, Minnesota where she spent the greater part of the last two months with me to head back to her home in Houston, Texas where our son, Jonathan David White, who is twenty eight has lived his whole life. I think he firmly believes the line that we saw once on the box of an expensive pie made in Texas. The wooden pie box was painted with the words, “You really ought to thank your lucky stars that you are in Texas.” Linda’s cell phone has Jon listed as “Baby Jon” and me listed as “Baby Dad.” I even have Siri on my iPhone programmed to call me, “Baby.”

This morning on my way to the job site I heard Conway Twitty singing, “Baby’s Gone” and I knew that I wanted to sing it with him for you.

Baby’s Gone

My Baby has not gone she is just driving back to Texas. She actually headed that way over a month ago but came back to help me through some medical issues. We have not spent so much time together since we technically separated about ten years ago. We still call each other Baby and are I think perhaps closer in many ways than we were when we lived together. She asked me a couple of days before she left, “Which one of us is the most stubborn?” And I proudly yet truthfully answered and quickly, “I am.” Babies can be pretty stubborn and loud because they want things their way. We all like having it our own way and are usually not happy unless and until we do.

I suppose even Baby Jesus was like that too. We are everyone of us, I believe, every bit the child of God that the baby Jesus was. I think that was the true Good News, or Gospel, Love Note, whatever you want to call it that Jesus and every prophet who ever lived came to tell us.

I do not know about you but I have wasted the bigger part of my life not thinking for myself but just parroting what I had heard a small narrow group of people say over and over ad nauseam. When we do not think for ourselves we have a harder time figuring out who and whose we really are. Letting other people try to define us or even thinking they can is always a mistake.

In a old Beach Boy song in my late-twenties and at a very hard and confusing time in my life I heard God clearly speak to me and She/He said, “ Don’t worry, Baby, everything will turn out alright.” And it has for me and continues to and in that song I found a very big clue as to who I am and who you are. We are God’s Baby.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

I also answer to, “Baby Love.”,

David White

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