Be Mindful What You Wish For

Blog 1136 – 10.06.2018

Be Mindful What You Wish For

Not quite three months in Minnesota and I have already seen the spectacular greens of summer, the autumn leaves all shades of gold, yellow and red, frost on the pumpkin, and yesterday even snow on the pumpkins. And I know you very unscientific folk who do not accepted the vast array of scientific data supporting man-made global warming are saying this is evidence against that but I am told this weather is two weeks late for Minnesota and that they are fearful of a milder than usual winter and perhaps little to no snow cover this year. Hey I saw Fargo the movie, the FX TV series, and the first Grumpy Old Men movie and it is supposed to snow a lot In Minnesota and the lakes freeze over for ice fishing. I am looking forward to seeing that before my work takes me somewhere else.

Back to the snow on the pumpkins. Yesterday, I had some fun with the saying, “Frost on the pumpkin.” So I will not revisit that theme but I did find it humorous to see the pumpkins outside the Bemidji Walmart sporting snow caps. If you have read me for awhile you already know that in addition to pumpkins that I love snow. A friend reminds me that every time it snows it is like my birthday because I told her once that one of my fondest birthday wishes was for snow on my birthday. So happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, if you don’t care for snow you can send all yours to me. Be carefully what you wish for because sometimes, in fact quite often, if not always, dreams really do come true. If you do not care for yours you need to dream better dreams. I am always dreaming of more snow, and pumpkin pie, with Cool Whip on it, looks like a snow cap, and it tastes delicious.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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