The Frost Is On The Pumpkin

Blog 1135 – 10.05.2018

The Frost Is On The Pumpkin

There is a line in one of my favorite James Taylor songs that says, “The frost is on the pumpkin.” I heard someone use that expression yesterday morning when I commented on having to defrost my truck windows before heading to work.

Walking Man

I am at almost sixty-eight years old still a boy born in Dixie on November 22, 1950, if you were thinking of getting me a birthday gift. Just kidding, if you are still reading my blogs and listening to my Mockingbird Songs that is more than gift enough. The song Dixie has a line that I always took personally. It says “In Dixieland, where I was was born in, early on a frosty morning’. Look away.” I personally have no recollection of that event. I take it on here-say evidence from those who were and say it was a frosty morning, probably not that unusual for late November In Chattanooga, Tennessee where they say I made my arrival.

I did not start walking till several months later, mostly just lay around getting my bearings, they tell me. I have done a lot of walking since and not just to the pumpkin patch. Unlike Peanuts character Charlie Brown’s little buddy Linus, I have spent more nights than just Halloween looking for great pumpkins. Ha, like more than a few guys I do have a one track mind on that subject. But to paraphrase an ole saying, or rather to mix two together, “One man’s pleasure is another’s pumpkin patch.”

Wherever are you going with this, Dave? Not sure yet really, just thinking about the different ways you can take that “frost on the pumpkin” line. Most take it to mean it is getting cold outside, sweater weather, snuggling weather. Like all roads lead to Rome all thoughts lead me to pumpkins. My dear departed daughter Emily’s girlhood “best fern (friend) forever, Cindy Camp, shocked me (yeah, didn’t think I could be shocked – well I was) with her pre-teen, and pre Titty Fairy visit remark in early fall once that “it is nipply weather.” I wonder if she taught her girls that expression in this “Me Too” charged and changed world. Let me say here that I believe it is and has always been inappropriate to pick pumpkins without the expressed permission of the pumpkin patch owner. Enough said. Enjoy the scenery but look don’t touch without permission. And “No” does not mean “Try harder” it means “No” even for frat boys and would be high office holders.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

And pumpkin protector and admirer,

David White

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