For The Love Of The Irish And All

Blog 1137 – 10.07.2018

For The Love Of The Irish And All

I usually recite my Irish Poem only on Saint Paddy’s day wearing my leprechaun hat and in my best Irish accent. But since the poem itself begins with, “One day in October…” here it is for all in the month of October as the story goes.

My Irish Poem

The quote on today’s theme pic is an Irish Proverb and as wise as a pig rethinking his choice of company. We need never wallow in misery and no matter what tragedies or dark days befall us a good night’s rest and a sense of humor can help us face the new day. In the Classic John Ford 1950 movie, The Quiet Man, starring John Wayne, Maureen O’Hara, Ward Bond and many other movie greats of that day there is a song the Irishers sing with the line, “Oh, the humor is off me now, boys, the humor is off me now.” Sadly I think it refers to a guy being newly married but one thing guys nor girls should ever consent to give up or lose is their sense of humor.

What makes you smile? What incites in you a boisterous belly laugh? It doesn’t take much for me nor should it for the child in all of us. Children love to laugh and play and there is a playful child in every one of us. So smile, smile, smile and for heaven sake treat yourself and for all our sakes to a good night’s rest and a long morning laugh. See how far you can make it last into the new day. Hear your inner child say, “Tell me a funny story.” and remember one, perhaps even my My Irish Poem.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

6 thoughts on “For The Love Of The Irish And All

  1. You are still writing your daily blog of memories and encouragement.
    I’ve read several blogs and wish you daily accolades for keepimg it.
    I sent you a text today; hope you received it…thought of you!


    1. I am and sending out my Daily Mockingbird Song with the title of that daily blog and a link to it. Thank you for reading and listening. I saw the new A Star Is Born yesterday and cried like a baby several times. I have a new appreciation for Bradley Cooper and Lady Ga Ga and Jon Peter’s, the producer. I thought of you and our Barbra too.
      Love always,
      Your friend and fellow traveler.
      I will check my phone for the text. They sometimes take their time in coming.


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