Longfellow Seranade

Blog 1134 – 10.04.2018

Longfellow Serenade

One of my favorite short poem/pun jokes is the line, “You’re a poet and I know it because your feet are Longfellow’s.” Despite the obvious association with big feet, Ladies, all poets do not have big feet or minds, or other things. And many indeed are ladies, Mary Oliver, being one of the best of many in my book. Mary loved the outdoors, lived her whole life in a relatively small but beautiful world that she shared, and made come alive for herself and for so many of us. As today’s theme picture says, “She Designed A World She Loved” as each of us should and could if we just would.

I am a “Rhyming Poet Guy” but have the deepest admiration for free verse poets. Well turned phrases like the proverb says are like apples of gold, that line itself being an example of something being well said. Without having to believe the King James Version (KJV) to be the only true and inspired Word of God one can still appreciate the poetry and often well-turned and thought out words of advise and wisdom in its pages. One need not throw the Baby out with the wash so to speak. You do not have to agree or even like every word or appreciate every opinion of an author or poet to recognize their skill and wisdom if only on certain subjects and perhaps only some of the time even on those.

I heard a preacher once say, “Chew and swallow what you can and spit out the rest.” I am not offended when someone disagrees with me and says I have a particular point all wrong. I often have had it wrong and continue to for I am a work in progress just like you. I no longer have to be right all the time or to even be headed in the right direction at all times for like my wonderful Dodge Ram pick-up, apologies or condolences to Ford and Chevy truck owners, it turns right around when I need it to and so can I and even more often than I did as a young cock-sure guy. Turning around and changing one’s mind and often is a skill that we all should practice, practice, practice. It may not get us to Carnegie Hall as the saying goes but we would be so much happier and, I think, live fuller more well rounded lives.

It is not what we think we know

Quick to speak, strongly defend

Wisdom another way can show

Opposites, also true, my friend.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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