The Autumn Of My Life

Blog 1124 – 09.24.2018

The Autumn Of My Life

For all of my boyhood and young adult life even into middle age autumn or fall was my favorite season. But six years ago when I began my full time traveling work life and spent my first winter away from my long time home in Texas in a far different snowy and cooler climate in Wyoming that changed it for me. Since my first winter in Wyoming I have been a devoted fan of winter and though I love all four seasons winter in the one I am most glad to have be the longest. There is a line that I quote often from one of my favorite movies where a young girl from New England comes out to meet her fiancee’s dad and two brothers in Montana and tells the oldest brother that to her the Montana scenery is “This unspeakable gift”. Alfred, the older brother says she might not think so four months in to a hard winter. But both she and I disagree with Alfred’s sentiment. I love winter the best and it’s snow covered beauty is to me always an unspeakable gift so much so that I am barely into a beautiful spring when I am already looking forward to another blustery winter.

As I write this, autumn is just beginning in Bemidji, Minnesota and the leaves are turning, and the clouds, temperature and cool breezes hint of wonderful winter soon to come. My heart is racing in anticipation of seeing the first snow and watching Lake Bemidji freeze over and fill with ice fishing shacks and people ice skating and enjoying this winter wonderland. To many winter is just a season to endure to get through because of Christmas. But even if there was no Christmas celebration this snow loving, winter favored old boy would still be celebrating as I aim to the winter of my life this go round.

I will and am enjoying this season when the trees put on their party dresses but I am really looking forward to the winter that follows so close behind.

You friend and fellow traveler,

Fan of the four seasons (the singing group by that name too), but especially winter,

David White

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