Neither Truth Nor We Written In Stone

Blog 1125 – 09.25.2018

Neither Truths Nor We Written In Stone

The Second Intention For A Better World (One of my favorites) states:

“I follow my inner compass and discard any beliefs that are no longer serving me. I go to the source. I seek truth.”

Like many or most of you, I am a person with some strongly held beliefs and opinions but I am learning to see even those strongly held beliefs as not something set in stone but easily changeable or discarded if need be. One of the reason we have so little room in our lives for even our biggest best dreams to come true is that we are holding on to beliefs and opinions that we have in some cases long out grown. And these keep us from being able to receive those bigger and better gifts that the Universe has for us.

Letting Go and Letting God has a special meaning in this sense more than just giving up worrying but giving up strongly held beliefs that are no longer true for us and maybe never were. Someone has said that there are two sides to every coin but there are three actually – the heads, the tails, and the edge it stands or rolls on. It is high time we quit worrying about heads or tails and started standing or better yet rolling.

The Ten Commandments were carved in stone as have been many rules to live by and think by but our minds and hearts are not made of stone but living, growing, ever expanding and changing more malleable material. I laugh at some of the strong opinions and beliefs that I ranted about just a short time ago i.e. that taking “magic pills was foolish” and that all doctors do not care about their patients but just want to get rich off them. Some painful and repetitive medical problems of late opened me up to discard those beliefs and be not only healthier but happier for it.

I told a friend just yesterday that I hope to change my mind and heart more often and more quickly in the future when the evidence indicates that I should. Like those doctors I falsely accused of not listening, I need to listen a little closer and pay better attention to some of the silly things that I write and say. I am as we all are after all – a work in progress – not written in stone but spirit and flesh.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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