Why Can’t We Just Get Along?

Blog 1107 – 09.07.2018

Why Can’t We Just Get Along?

For some years now I have referred to myself as “the skewed view guy” because I like to look at people, places, and things from a slightly skewed view, from a different angle than the traditional or often most accepted one. It is not that I believe everyone else has everything wrong just that having gotten myself so many things wrong I want to question everything and see for myself if I haven’t missed something by having just accepted other people’s views without checking them out for myself.

The words in today’s title are the same as the famous Rodney King quote, “Why can’t we just get along?” But from my slightly skewed view I see something different in them. There is a hauntingly beautiful song on the soundtrack to the Sandra Bullock movie, Hope Floats, called, “What Makes You Stay?” It is quite touching but says much to this point. Why can’t we just “get along” as in “get along little doogie” when we know the other does not return the love we offer nor share our dream of a life together. Why do we refuse to see when it is obvious to everyone but us that there are incompatibility issues or simply that the other just does not want us in the same way we want them?


What Makes You Stay

I have not recorded a new song to add to my Daily Mockingbird list of over 225 songs in several months but decided today to try a new one. The song has been around awhile, this is just my new Mockingbird version of it. It is by Paul McCartney and called “Junk” The song I quoted yesterday says “We don’t believe in junk.” That being said there is often a residue left after relationships have ended and often a lot of stuff collected in a life time that nobody wants any more, things that may have once held some sentimental value to someone but time and changing circumstances have lessened the value.



It is sad when relationships and people die. But after someone or even a relationship dies it is proper to honor it and bury it and do our best to move on and keep on living or as the title says, just “Get Along.”

And remember life is meant to be fun and when it is not it may be a signal it is time to just move on. It is a fairy tale indeed to think all relationships are meant to last a lifetime, promises or no. Few do, but I believe we do. I think we are in this relationship forever and that some loves so deeply connect us that we find each other again and again through countless lifetimes to explore new and varied journeys together. I also think that we walk with some probably most people only shortly so we can learn to say hello and good-bye graciously. But what do I know?

Some of us folk who started this particular adventure in the fifties can still hear Roy Rogers and Dale Evans (pictured) singing “Happy Trails To You Until We Meet Again…”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

3 thoughts on “Why Can’t We Just Get Along?

    1. Another Sir Paul sings it far better than I do but I love trying to sing it and the words are hauntingly beautiful to me. I am like yourself a word guy and music to me helps words slip through Ego’s seeming logical arguments right to the heart where truth is most accurately perceived and known. I do enjoy your poetry as I have long that of the other Sir Paul.

      On Fri, Sep 7, 2018 at 10:27 AM theencouragingword wrote:


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