Being Willing To Pay The Price

Blog 1106 – 09.06.2018

Being Willing To Pay the Price

I believe the reason many of us never find true happiness in this life nor experience many if any of our dreams coming true is that we are ignorant of or unwilling to pay the price. The price for true happiness and even having all our biggest and best dreams come true is not money, so those who believe a big lottery win or inheriting great wealth will solve all their problems, make them happy, or make all their dreams come true, are most always sadly surprised.

Well, what is the price, Crazy Dave, now that you have our appetite for answers stirred? It is simple, we have to be willing to let go of self limiting, and dream crushing beliefs. But for many of us that is way harder than it sounds. We would rather blame our unhappiness and unrealized dreams on bad luck, bad karma, bad genes, anything rather than admit that we ourselves are responsible.

The song, All That We Let In, by the Indigo Girls, that was such a great help to me in dealing with the death of my daughter over six years ago, has a part that I re-wrote a little to make it more my own. The lead singer over half way through the song sings, “Care writes a poem and she sticks it on my trunk, ‘We don’t believe in War and we don’t believe in Junk.’ The birds were calling ‘Freedom.’ What were they saying? The gates flew open and the tops of the trees were swaying.”

My daughter’s name was Emily but after she became a grown lady many called her Em, even I sometimes. So I changed a few words in the previous quote: Em writes a poem and she sticks in on my truck, “We don’t believe in War and we don’t believe in Luck.” The birds were calling, “Freedom.” What were they saying? The gates flew open and the tops of the trees were swaying.

All That We Let In

One of those self-limiting, dream crushing believes we must give up to be happy and realize our dreams is the belief in Luck, Chance, Happenstance. Everything happens for a reason and there is a root cause or cause and effect always at work in the physical and spiritual worlds. If you believe that you are powerless and have no say in your own dreams or destiny then you have merely defaulted your power to someone else and will get only what they dole out. Shame on you and me if we do that.

I prefer what the poem Invictus concludes with:

“I am the master of my fate:

The captain of my soul.”

And you are too. Are you willing to give up what silly notions you may possess like “I can’t…” or “I always screw up…” or “I could never do that…” and allow your better, braver angels to guide you to all your dreams and happiness beyond even the wildest of them? Even a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Here it is, repeat this promise till you begin to believe it, “I can do all things through the One that loved me and did not just promise but proved it by living a life abundant and I can be that kind of example to and for others too. I can, I will, I shall be happy and make all my dreams come true from now on.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

No luck required,

David White

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