We Can Only Teach What We Have Learned

Blog 1108 – 09.08.2018

We Can Only Teach What We Have Learned

Do not try to teach me about how to live the abundant life if you are not living an life abundant, or how to get rich if your are not rich, or how to be happy if you are not happy. The only way to convince me that you know what you are talking about is to show me by your life. Words are easy to knit together and every sales person can memorize a good sounding spiel, but a real life takes practice, experience and demonstrated ability to change and adapt. There is no made to order recipe that works for everyone. That is why religions especially those of the one size fits all variety are just not practical for most people. Church attendance is at an all time low and even it the U.S. many more people each year check “None” when ask for religious affiliation. But still we are all looking for answers to the unresolved questions of life.

I do not claim to have all the answers, no one person does. But you cannot help but pick up a clue or two if you are paying any attention at all. I have seen a few things and have even learned a lesson or two along the way. Those I would share. Accepting complete responsibility for our own happiness and making our own dreams come true I think is one of my favorite lesson plans. Want to figure out people, start with you. Yes, it is all about you. Want to find God, He/She is closer than you think. Even Jesus and most all the priests and prophets throughout time agree that the place to start and end that search is in your own heart not some temple, mosque, or mountain top.

I picked the quote picture today as a launching pad: “She Designed A Life She Loved.” In most male dominated traditions God is always referred to as a He. I like the way the writer of the book and movie The Shack chose to picture God as a big beautiful black lady. Papa says to Mack in the story that she appeared to him in that form because he had some serious issues with his own father that made his traditional vision of God hard to accept so he needed a Mama God. Male God or Female Goddess our higher self alone can provide answers tailor made to our individual spirit and circumstances. And only we three in one (Parent, Spirit, and Child) can together design a life that we can truly love. So begins and ends this lesson.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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