I Love Beginnings

Blog 1101 – 09.01.2018

I Love Beginnings

A new day, a new month, a new year, a new task all appeal to me. To me my life I measure not by the sameness but by the new and unique. I always look forward to road trips, especially if they take me to places that I have never been before, to see new things, and meet new people. And at that last point, it is just an illusion that we know anyone, any place, even ourselves really all that well.

I grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee. And though I have traveled widely, all fifty U.S. States, eleven different countries, six Canadian Provinces, so far, many of my boyhood friends have stuck close to home. But I marvel that many of even those reared as I was in the shade of majestic Lookout Mountain have never seen first hand, Rock City, Ruby Falls, or to me more breath-taking, the Point Park National Civil War Memorial. The Civil War canon on a rock out cropping with the Moccasin Bend of the Tennessee River way down below is an image that has haunted my mind since I was a boy.

I remember when I was but eleven years old and a Second Class ranked Boy Scout that I walk the ten mile Blue Beaver Trail with several lads in my Scout Troup. The trail began in the Sequatchie Valley and wound up to the top of the mountain and Point Park. I have walked a lot of highways and trails since that day but none more lovely or thrilling.

The most exciting of travels can and should be exploring close to home in our own hearts and minds. William Shakespeare I believe it was who said, “Be true to thine own self and thou canst be false to no man.” Old outmoded language for sure, but still it has a ring to it. If you would know the world and everyone in it, first know yourself. Begin at the beginning and yes, Dorothy, it is all about you. On this Labor Day Weekend, take a trip with you, deep into you, you will be amazed at the majesty and the view.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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