On The Road Less Traveled

Blog 1102 – 09.02.2018

On The Road Less Traveled

Today I am spending a day traveling. My work takes me many and varied places. Even still I always look forward to holidays so I can explore the part of the world that I happen to be in at the time. I have learned to consult the locals who always love their country or state and are happy to show it off, gladly sharing where the best places are to see.

Some years ago I spent seven weeks working in Scotland and I will forever be grateful to Harry Hudson for sharing his beloved Scotland with me. Some of my fondest memories are of places Harry showed me on extended lunches across the country side surrounding Aberdeen where we worked together. I took a taxi to work every morning and Harry drove me back to my hotel each evening after work. For his kindness I bought lunch every day and he guided us to great and memorable places to eat across beautiful Scotland.

Linda, my long suffering wife, is still visiting me in Minnesota. She had headed back to Houston a few weeks ago but turned around to help me through some medical issues. I am feeling much better but am glad we get to spend another holiday weekend together.

We just had breakfast at a small cafe in Cass Lake, MN and are on our way from Bemidji where I am working to Duluth and north of there along North Shore Drive where we hope to find one of those wonderful Mom and Pop eateries along Lake Superior that are so unique and picturesque.

In Grand Marais we did stop and eat at The Angry Trout. It was everything I hoped for and worth the drive. Along the way we stopped several times, saw Spit Rock Lighthouse, and even a dinosaur, not not just the gas service station, nor even the statue Linda posed by, but a real dinosaur, a pay phone.

Wanna see strange, surprising, and beautiful things. Take a road trip with someone you love. And that means you too.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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