Fear Most An Un-Lived Life

Blog 1100 – 08.31.2018

Fear Most An Un-Lived Life

Too often we allow fear to paralyze us into inactivity. “But if I take that road, or make that choice, terrible tragedy will ensue.” Perhaps, but most likely not. Far more likely, we will win some or learn some as the song “I’m Yours” says so sweetly and succinctly.


I’m Your

The song also says, “Open up your mind and see like me. Open up your plans and damn you’re free.” I was as I have mentioned for many years the self incarcerated prisoner of a very narrow set of beliefs based sadly and mainly on fear of judgement, condemnation, and damnation. It was a hell of a limited, stunted life. I no longer believe in hell, judgement, condemnation, damnation, nor fear. Many think hate is the opposite of love but it is not – fear is. We hate what we fear. But in my admittedly somewhat skewed view of things “Love is all there is” so anything pretending to be opposite of love is only illusion, delusion, or confusion. Like love there is only light. Darkness is the illusion. Love and light dispel all ignorance and pretense.

Illusions of fearful consequences would keep us from living our lives to the fullest. Fear of making a mistake is the most irrational fear and mistake of all. Hence today’s title and the underlying premise of this piece I.e. if we must be afraid of anything it should be, the un-lived life. The most sure way to live without regrets is to focus far less on what we should not do than on doing the many possible things than we can and should experience in this life. As people we worry way too much about good and bad when better and best are the thoughts, words, and actions that we should live out all the days of our life. Live it up.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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