My Happy Face, My Happy Place

Blog 1096 – 08.27.2018

My Happy Face, My Happy Place

“Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks” and I have a happy, full, and contented heart. Like many I have spent a great deal of time mis-spent on a wild goose chase, seeking the elusive butterfly of love, when all the while like in Dorothy Gail’s adventure in the land of Oz, home and all the love that it takes to satisfy a growing boy or girl was right there inside my own heart.

We are, my friends, each one of us self-contained, self-sufficient, and it is “self-love” that is the key to unlocking all the loves in our life. It is the key to the treasure house so to speak. We are according to some of the wisest words ever written, to love God, and our neighbor even as we love ourselves. I missed the real point of those words for many years, because like many of you I was taught an interpretation of those words that had it really quite backwards. I was indoctrinated from a child to believe those words meant: Love God first, then your neighbor, then yourself. But love for most of us just does not work that way. Unless we first love ourselves we cannot love anyone else. And believe me, Ego will try every trick in the book to convince us that we are unworthy of love. He will use even the words of those who profess to love us most to convince us that we are unlovely, inept, unable, and alone responsible for everyone else’s unhappiness, all untrue. We are responsible for no one’s happiness but our own.

So, Bunky, put on a happy face, go to your happy place, for your heart has kept safe an abundant supply of love, of happy too, enough for you, and enough to share with everyone, everything, the entire Universe. If there is any order to love, it seems to me, as counterintuitive as it my seem to many religious people who have bought into what to me now seems another very silly and even stupid notion about a God, whose name even they say is love, namely that He/She is a jealous God and requires the first of our love if not all of it entirely. Not so, for we cannot love anyone, or anything not even ourself without really loving God for God is all in all, and in Her/Him we live, love, move, and have our being.

You can disagree about the order of love if you choose, but reasonable minds cannot deny that if as I believe the love of God dwells in each of us, we really should and ought to love ourselves and thereby unlock the door to our happy place, enjoy the love there ourselves, and share it with all. So put on a happy face, live and love from your happy place, and know it is easy to love yourself, others, and the whole Universe, for big as Texas is, your heart and mine is even bigger.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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