How We Learn – Trial And Error…n

Blog 1084 – 08.14.2018

How We Learn – Trial And Error…

I consider myself among other things (Namely, Writer, Speaker, Singer and Song Writer), a Teacher. A teacher, to be successful, must know how to learn and do their best to help create a learning environment. Learning 101 is that children of all ages learn in basically the same way, by trial and error… then modify thinking and approach to achieve a better result. As examples I take two things small children learn and very well. First how to walk, this seems a lesson learned quickly but closer examination reveals there is much goes into that first successful walk across a room. First there is perfecting crawling. Then with training wheels, or a loving hand to hold a few wobbly steps, and finally after a series shaky diaper padded falls and maybe a few unprotected face forward ones too the modifications are made, balance improved, and we have go for the Rover, send baby on over. Thrill of thrills mobile under their own steam. Where is that leash?

Some where along our life long walk all too often our thinking begins to crystallize, harden, and we become less fluid, and open to innovation, or new information. When that happens learning ends or at least greatly diminishes and we begin to think we know everything we need to know. We cease to grow and the real tragedy of that is we begin to die. For those are the only choices in life – grow or die. Both involve change, the first chosen and welcomed the second forced and fought against.

One of the reasons we quit learning and growing is that it often feels awkward, exposed, embarrassing to admit there is so very much we have yet to learn, and that makes us feel unsure and uncomfortable. How much easier to be so sure and satisfied that we have the best take on things and criticize and resist changing our hearts and minds about people, places, or things. That gets us no where. If we are content to spend the rest of our life in our easy chair watching “news” that never makes us think outside the box we have chosen, shame on us. There is another box awaiting us and not much else. But there are roads less traveled that await with adventures, excitement, and new things to see and do, people to meet, their stories to hear, and our own to re-write over and over again, if we are willing to learn a few new tricks. Contrary to the erroneous adage even old dogs can learn a few new tricks if they chose.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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