Down Stream Responsibilities

Blog 1083 – 08.13.2018

Down Stream Responsibility

On one of the morning walks that I have been privileged to experience so far this summer by lovely Lake Bemidji, in beautiful Minnesota, I snapped today’s theme picture. I figured that I would have no problem stringing together a few encouraging words on the topic of Down Stream Responsibility. History is littered as have been many streams and rivers especially the great Mississippi with our failures to own up to our responsibility to those down stream.

One of my favorites of the many of Josh Groban’s recorded songs is a medley of two songs he does, Children Will Listen and Nothing’s Gonna Harm You. We are most loving when we own our responsibility to never leave a person, or a child, or a place less but better off than when we first found them or it. It is indeed more blessed to give than to receive.

Along my morning path by Bemidji Lake and at the beginnings of the Mississippi River sits a Carnegie Library building, no longer in use, with a sign reading, “Help us save the Carnegie.” Andrew Carnegie, two centuries ago in this country made one of the first great modern fortunes in the steel production industry, more money than any one man could ever spend in a lifetime. In an effort to own up to his own down steam responsibility he made it the mission of the latter part of his life to establish free libraries all over the land that had made him rich. Carnegie libraries can be found in most towns of any size around the country and have opened the minds of so many to dreams and possibilities that they might not otherwise have ever known.

One does not have to be an Andrew Carnegie, a John D. Rockefeller, a Bill Gates, or a Warren Buffet to fulfill his or her downstream responsibilities. Each of us has something to give, our love, our experience, our true treasures to others, and to not just leave things and people the way we found them, but fuller, sweeter, and even more complete. That is owning up to our down stream responsibility.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Eyes and heart wide open, trying to give back, some of all the goodness I have received,

David White

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