A Part Of Me, The Heart Of Me

Blog 1085 – 08.15.2018

A Part Of Me, The Heart Of Me

Everyone that I have met in my life has left an imprint on me as I have on them. I can only hope I have left them and you the best part of me, the heart of me. For all of my efforts to be a tough and hard guy I am and have always been a tender heart. Often a gruff exterior and demeanor is only cultivated to protect a tender heart. One of my first girlfriends when I was but a lad had a grandpa that was quite gruff to me and all the boys who buzzed around her but she saw easily through his toughness that he had an indeed tender heart toward her.

If we could only learn to see beyond the facade of others and our own we would see the best part, the heart of others and ourself. Jesus once said, “Out of the heart are the issues of life.” And even long before that someone collected a proverb that said, “As a person thinks in their heart so are they.” As impossible as it is to judge a book solely by its cover so it is also to know much about a person by mere surface analysis. Dig a little deeper and you will find the treasure there beneath the skin, beneath the mask.

As the ole love song lyric goes, “To know, know, know you is to love, love, love you and I do. And I do. Yes, I do.” I am giving back the best part of me, the heart of me.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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