According To Our Words

Blog 1070 – 07.31.2018

According To Our Words

In the movie Gifted, Uncle Frank says to his gifted young niece in silhouette, when she is asking about her friend’s faith, “What about Jesus?” – “I love that guy, do what he says.” Jesus said a lot of wonderful things and you do not have to believe all the hype about him or even be a Christian per say to follow his teachings. Of my many favorite quotes of his I share with you two that I have lifted, some will think out of context, but I do not think so. From the disciples prayer that he taught his boys that some call his prayer, “May your kingdom come your will be done.” And from a story about a foreigner, a Roman centurion, who believed Jesus words were powerful and that asked him to heal his sick and dying daughter with just a word – “Be it unto you even according to your words.”

Yesterday in this blog I wrote about how important that it is what we think on, dwell on, because this is what we manifest or create in our lives. Equally important in this manifesting or creating process are our words. I think it very spot on that in the Bible creation story that God, the Universe, spoke all that there is into being. Oh, He/She does a little special slight-of-hand creating Man (the two in one creature, male and female) nice touch, but it is The Word, the Thought Expressed that is the true creative touch.

There is a expression that I remember hearing as a boy that goes like this, “I would not talk to a dog like that.” I happen to think that we should talk nice to everyone especially dogs. But listen to people’s “self talk” even to your own. Do you catch yourself using derogatory terms with yourself like “I am so clumsy today, stupid, silly, afraid” etc.? Don’t you do it. That is my good friend you are talking to and about. And not only that we are all like God, like magicians, our words are magic words and the Universe bends to make our incantations come true.

As a boy I remember one time my mom’s attention was distracted and she failed to remove the toast from the oven in time and burned the bread. My brother and I started teasing her that she always burned the bread and though she had up to that time only burned it that once it became a more regular occurrence till more times that not she did indeed burn the bread, living up to the reputation that we had teasingly created for her.

We need to give others and ourselves a good rep to live up to. We need to see and say the best that we see in ourselves and others. For you see it is not just thoughts that become things but words become things too. Hence my new found focus to make it my mission – 163 – “I Admire You” or I Mirror You.” to see only the highest and best in myself and others and to love that, and to think and speak about only that.

Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in my sight. Sometimes even in familiar words we find deeper meaning if we look at them from a slightly different angle. We need to watch not just our thoughts but our words for out of them we create the world around us. Be it unto us according to our words.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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