The Great Good News

Blog 1069 – 07.30.2018

The Great Good News

In the mid to late nineteen seventies when I was still very much enthralled with the religion that I was raised in, I used to listen to a local Christian radio station in the city of Chattanooga where I was living at the time. One of my favorites of the more modern songs they played had the following lyrics:

“Step into the sunshine

Step out of the shade

This is the one time

That you’ve got it made

Feel yourself floating

Right out of your shoes

Step in to the sunshine

Of the great good news.”

I am quite sure, the author of that song, the singer, the radio station, and myself at the time, thought that the “good news” i.e. Gospel that the song referred to was the story of Jesus and his death on the cross in our place. I see it so differently now. I think or believe that the “great good news” is that we get to choose the world we live in, we always have, and always will. We choose by deciding which thoughts we allow to rule our consciousness, which thoughts we dwell on, hold on to. It is both a somewhat natural and magical at the same time process. Simply put The Secret of obvious secrets is this:

If you want a world of war, poverty, sadness, sickness and disease, just think

constantly and dwell constantly on those things. But if you want heaven to be

right here, think on peace, abundance, happiness, and health.

But don’t we need to do something to make a real difference, Crazy Dave? The short answer to that question is maybe but we have no real idea where to start till we first get our heads on straight and we do that best by filling them with the best and highest thoughts of what we truly want and not what we don’t want. Our most often thought of and repeated dreams, waking and sleeping, do come true – for heaven sake and our own we ought to pick the good ones.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

P.S. Happy Birthday, life-long friend and lover, Linda Lee Stokes, the most positive thinking person I know, and mother of my son.

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