Blog 1068 – 07.29.2018


“Let It Go.” As long a we are engaged with it we cannot let go of it. Whether you are talking about unhappiness, fear, and sickness, or joy, love, and health it is always true. Whenever we hear ourselves say. “When am I ever, if ever, going to get over this, the answer is always the same, “Just as soon as we let go of it.”

I was talking with someone I love, and I love everyone because I love me and having admitted and accomplished that feat loving everyone else is easy. I was talking to this one beloved about someone we both loved very much who left us over fifteen years ago and my fellow conversationalist was saying that she whispered to her long time friend, “You can let go now.” And I embellished her words, “Yeah, you can let go now, Darling, I’ve got this for you.” I can imagine the Divine Universe uttering those same words in a world of situations.

Someone has said, “Worrying is taking on more than you were meant to carry.” A very wise older man told me when I was a not so very wise young one, “Son, when the load gets too heavy just put it down.” I did not always follow that wonderful advice and even now that I am old as he was then I still have to remind myself that my two small hands were never meant to hold especially large things for very long.

I have most of my life had a problem with what I call “portion size”. That problem exhibits itself in my case in one of two ways, one far more serious than the other. The less serious way is in my thinking no matter how big the helping, package, or box that that it is one portion. One box of cookies = one portion, one turkey patter full of food = one portion. This eating disorder of former dinner plates being thought of as tea cup saucers and turkey platters becoming dinner plates is quite wide spread and responsible for our super sizing our bodies. But way more serious and life threatening is getting other things, the problems, the difficulties, and the detours that come to all of us, out of proportion and holding on to them too long. But as I heard a wonderful softball coach say to his girls when they missed a crucial catch or failed to hit away a perfectly positioned pitch, “Shake it off.” Let it go, is great advice anyway you slice it. We never get passed anything that we are unwilling to let go off.

As for the first portion size thing, I cupped my two small hands together just the other day and decided that that is my food portion size and I purpose to never again eat more in one sitting that what would fit easily in the bowl of those two cupped hands, nor hold too hard to anyone or anything. It is just is too big and an unnecessary strain on my tender heart. How about yours?

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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