A Salute To All Who Serve

Blog 1067 – 07.28.2018

A Salute To All Who Serve

Jesus was once asked by a Roman soldier, part of an occupying force of troops policing the conquered Jewish state in his day, “And what would you have me do?” In so many words, Jesus replied, do your job honestly and fairly?” I served in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam conflict and many people called us “war mongers” and “baby killers” but I was just a teletype repairman and in South Vietnam I just did my job. The Army gave me an Army Commendation Medal for my work there. My fellow Army buddies called it a “Green Wienie.”That and the U.S. Army Service Medal were the only ribbons on my dress uniform at the end of my three year hitch, plus two ribbons for serving in South Vietnam.

Every time I see an old guy with a Vietnam Veteran hat on I say. “Welcome home, brother.” They had no parades for us. The parades of the last twenty years for returning military people and all the funerals with honor for them and our First Responders, police, fire, and medical personnel, are short lived. The statistics for suicide and burn out for service personnel are staggering and shameful. It seems that only in times of trouble, ours not theirs, do we turn our thoughts and eyes to those who serve.

Jesus words are still true, it is important to all of us to do our jobs honestly and fairly. Still, I salute all those who serve and believe we all should.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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