The Truth Need Not Be Sacrificed

Blog 1066 – 07.27.2018

The Truth Need Not Be Sacrificed

“The sacrifices of the Lord are a broken spirit and a contrite heart.” And trust me life will provide many opportunities for those without us making or taking them, opportunities for a broken spirit and contrite heart I mean. Sacrifice is something more suggested by that snake-in-the-grass ego than required by a love giving God that would rather have us healthy, happy, and always in harmony with the Universe, Him/Herself.

Now I know some of you may be thinking if not saying out loud, “There goes ole skewed view Dave off on another rant.” But hear me out or rather read me till the end of this short piece first. We have been taught that the greatest love of all is to lay down our lives for others but only someone with a crucifixion complex, even Jesus, would ever do that. And I am not so sure even his sacrifice was all that necessary especially the way the Big Business called Religion seems to have coopted his message of love and sold us all for thirty pieces of silver or more if they can con us out of it.

Did you ever wonder why some books made it passed the two great cuts, the cannon committees on both the Bible Testaments, the Old – the orthodox Jews, and the New – the orthodox Christian Church? Both councils met separately at about the same time during the first century A.D., by the way, to consolidate their power and control over people’s minds. Interesting word “orthodox” it means something like espousing the party line, I think. And so they left out those books they did not cotton to (a southern expression for not liking or allowing opposing views). And they tried their level best to destroy all the other volumes that did not make their cut. Exactly who are the book burners anyway but church folks? And while I am at it why does it seem intelligent women who practice birth control and healing arts are always called bitches and witches throughout ignorant male-dominated history? And why do those same backward males still think women are best kept out of leadership roles, uneducated, barefoot, and pregnant. “What’s love got to do with it?” Sing it Tina Turner.

Well, that was probably more skewed view that most are willing to take a look at all at once but I still ask all to honestly consider if theirs is the only view that deserves a look. The winners write the histories no matter how many they kill or what atrocities they commit to win, the survivors always have a slightly different story to tell. And their story too deserves to be told.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Taking a different view,

David White

One thought on “The Truth Need Not Be Sacrificed

  1. Nice skew. For me it always Anselm (he of the scales of justice, the father of penal subsitution sacrifice theory) vs Peter Abelard the forgotten writer who championed a different version – the one of love.


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