Seldom If Ever At A Loss For Words

Blog 1065 – 07.26.2018

Seldom If Ever At A Loss For Words

From my dear departed dad and my grandpa on my mother’s side I inherited what dad used to call “the gift of gab.” Though quite a shy child and early teen by mid teen I was already discovering that I had something to say, write, and sing. And I have been in one way or another practicing my craft ever since.

I discovered blogging barely three years ago but love the opportunity this blog gives me to sharpen my writing skills. As my audience grows so does my ability, I think, to entertain, inform, and encourage – the three pronged aim of all my efforts. Almost a year ago I started my Daily Mockingbird Song email to a few friends where I share my karaoke style version of songs that appeal to me. The DMBS is available free to all, just email your address and request to:

and I will add you to the list. Never fear, if you find my warbling or tune selections not your cup of tea I will remove your name from the list, no hurt feelings, just as fast if asked. If you are looking to be a song critic go after the real singers for I only claim to be a mockingbird and if all I do is cause you to seek out the singers I mimic then I have accomplished something of value.

Click the link to hear Emily sing and play Goldie her guitar.

A Duet With My Baby of what I call The Baby Song

The lovely voice is Em’s the mockingbird voice is mine,

I do love music, and my dear departed songstress daughter, Emily Elaine White, (I call July, the month of Emily, in her honor) taught me more about how to really deliver a song than anyone. One of her mothers, a career lounge singer, and me her daddy, a life long church and shower singer, might have planted in her a seed for singing but we as her vocal chords grew were the students and she the teacher.

Probably the best thing that I have written yet is a book about Em that I call – Emily – The Little Girl Who Sang Her Song To Anyone Who Came Along, after one of Em’s favorite songs by Nora Jones called Seven. I am not saddened by my little girl’s so young departure from this stage, at barely thirty-two, nor have I had much of a chance to miss her for her lingering smile and melodies still fill my heart and mind so full. I am so glad and grateful that over fifty years ago now that I found my words and practiced them well so that if for no other reason and I am not want to find many others too, but that I can tell the world and you about my sweet Emily.

Your friend, fellow traveler,

And Emily’s Dad,

David White

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