Aisle Of View, I Love You

Blog 1055 – 07.16.2018

Aisle Of View – I Love You

I do so love playing with words and the two phrases above sound so similar and I see them expressing a similar view. It has been my daily morning practice for sometime now after shaving and showering to apply three squirts of my favorite cologne, Boss Hugo Boss, to the center of my chest, while looking into my eyes in the mirror and saying a heart felt, “I love you.” I do believe with my departed friend Louise Hay that, “Most of our problems stem from our not loving ourselves enough.”

I started my morning ritual to remind myself that I do love myself but having done so for a while, as I said, I recall the Seventh of the Ten Intentions I follow which says:

“I practice love in action. I always have enough to spare and enough to share. I am available to help those who need it. I serve others.”

How do we best serve others, by giving them food when they are hungry, clothing, shelter, encouragement, money? Maybe one at at time or even sometimes all of these but the deepest desire of all of our hearts is for love. We serve others best by loving them and always seizing every opportunity to show them so.

Nowadays when I look into those loving, if sometimes still sleepy and blood shot, eyes in the morning I am not just saying “I Love You” to me but to one and all for I firmly believe that we all are One. Hence the need for a Bigger, Better Religion that truly makes us, helps us “Love Everybody.” To exclude even one is to exclude ourself and to cause us to love all we claim to love less fully and completely as we could and should but for that particular blockage.

Think you are pretty smart, don’t you Dave? Not at all, but to paraphrase a smart man, one of my favorite singers, Frank Sinatra:

I’ve been up and down and over and under.

Each time I wake up, look myself in the face,

And say “I love you” what I am really saying

Is that I love everyone, the whole human race.

I am ever practicing with the hope that any soul who looks into my eyes sees only, “I love you” reflected back into their own eyes and heart. “Like calls to like” as the poet has said.

Your friend and fellow traveler.

“Here’s looking at you, Kid.”

David White

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