In The Mirror We Recognize The Other

Blog 1054 – 07.15.2018

In The Mirror We Recognize The Other

I am well on my way to getting to and maintaining my “loving weight” of 163 lbs. I almost wrote “fighting weight” but I am not a fighter and I do not see life a fight or anyone as my enemy, but only family, some of whom I have yet to meet. A few weeks ago I saw the documentary movie about Fred Rogers of Mister Rogers Neighborhood called, “Would You Be My Neighbor?” In the movie they showed a clip of Fred explaining the significance of the number 143 on his fantasy land set. Fred said 143 reminded him of the one letter word “l”, the four letter word “love”, and the three letter word “you.” What Fred did not tell you but the narrator did was that as an adult Fred swam a mile a day to maintain the weight of 143 to remind him that his life’s mission was to communicate to the child in everyone that he met that one message in as many ways as he possibly could – “I Love You.”

I think I have a bigger frame than Fred did but I have wanted to get back to my “loving weight” for several years. I am prepared to do whatever it takes to get to that weight of 163 lbs. and to maintain it as a reminder of one of two phrases that I see as the message that I want to communicate to everyone that I meet “I Admire You” or “I Mirror you.” I see that as the top priority of every Child of the Universe, or it is at least for me.

I started out this month at 198.4 lbs or 35.4 pounds above my “loving weight” first of all intending (visualizing what I want) then watching what I eat, and riding my bike every morning possible. This morning I weighed in at 188.2 lbs or 25.2 lbs. above my goal. In a blog that I wrote a couple of weeks ago called, “My Perfect Weight” I expressed that it was my goal to weight 163 lbs before my sixty-eighth birthday, this November the 22nd, and to maintain that weight from here on out. I don’t ask anyone to pray that I will achieve that goal. I know as sure as I believe that the Universe, God, gives us our dreams and delights in making them come true, that what I have asked, intended, visualized is already mine.

This world is but a reflection of the other, bigger, brighter as yet unseen world. When I wrote the title for this piece, I planned to write about there being in each of us the male and female and how that we mirror the other, no matter which gender we identify as. Perhaps another time. This is what path I followed today. Thanks for walking down it with me.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Remember 163 – I Admire You, I Mirror You,

I am also admiring and mirroring the lovely Miss Marilyn Monroe, Norma Jean, for you today,

David White

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